Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy  

Both men and women have chosen bioidentical hormone therapy for hormone replacement and have experienced great results.

The therapy helps relieve symptoms that result from the body’s decreased production of hormones which can lead to severe sleep problems, mental health and anxiety problems, decreased metabolism, reductions in sexual interest, hot flashes, and night sweats. Pellet hormone therapy has been shown to relieve  menopausal symptoms, maintenance of bone density, and restoration of sleep patterns.

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The importance of hormonal stability

From metabolism to heart rate, sleep cycles, reproductive cycles, body temperature, and mood, hormones play an important role in the body as “messengers” that trigger essential functions. Because of this, hormonal imbalance can manifest in different ways, making it difficult to identify. Onset can occur as a result of aging, menopause, lifestyle, disease, and environmental factors.

Bio-identical hormone pelleting is one of the most effective and safest methods of natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) available today. Hormone pellets are the only type of hormone replacement that will continuously deliver balanced hormones to your body.


Bio-identical hormones are non-synthetic, plant-based hormones made at a compounding pharmacy. 

Pellets are prescribed for both men and women that experience a variety of symptoms including:​


Low testosterone in men and estrogen imbalance in women can lead to serious health issues. 


With treatment, both male and female patients will experience:

  • Increased muscle tone

  • Enhanced energy levels

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Increased libido

  • Decreased body fat


The various advantages and positive results that come from pellet hormone therapy stem from the consistency in blood levels achieved with this dosage form. Evaluating your lab work will determine the amount of testosterone and/or estradiol (a form of estrogen) that are needed. Tiny pellets, are produced from safe plant source hormones which are bio-identical. The beauty of pellet hormone therapy is that the body draws hormones from pellets as needed; minimizing the risk of side effects such as mood swings. As testosterone and estradiol are gradually absorbed by the body, blood levels rise to amounts that are more reliable.



Pellets are convenient and reliable. The addition of testosterone may seem unnecessary, but women need this hormone as well in order to feel their best. A few months after the pellets are inserted, we will perform additional lab work to check hormone levels. Evaluation of these levels will help us with future dosing and the timing of your next pellets.


Bioidentical hormones have helped millions of men and women regain vitality and quality of life. To find your return to a healthy hormone balance, call or request an appointment online today. 

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