A Step - By - Step Guide To Our Bio-identical Hormone Process

1. Schedule a NEW PATIENT LAB Appointment 

We will ask you basic health and wellness questions, as well as your current symptoms and wellness goals. We ask that you come in for blood work before your initial hormone consultation. You will receive a bill from LabCorp for this appointment. 



2. Initial Hormone Consultation ($175) New Patients

After we receive your lab results, you will then schedule the INITIAL HORMONE CONSULTATION appointment

The initial hormone consultation fee is a one time fee. During this appointment, we will discuss your hormone levels and come up with a detailed comprehensive plan. We will ask more in-depth health questions to get a better understanding of your unique health and wellness goals. Be prepared to spend at least an hour with our provider during this appointment. Recommendations will be made and your unique bio-identical hormone therapy prescription and treatment (pellets) will be available to you at this time. 

  • Female Pellet Insertion Fee $375 (this fee includes your pellets)

  • Male Pellet Insertion Fee $675 (this fee includes your pellets)

  • A prescription for creams and troches 

  • Testosterone Injections (male only)

3. Follow-Up Lab Work 6 Weeks After Your Initial Hormone Consultation (New Patients Only)


We will schedule lab work 6 weeks after your first pellet insertion so we can re-evaluate your hormone levels and make adjustments if needed. This is only required for our first time hormone patients. If an adjustment has to be made, a one time fee of $100 plus $50 per pellet is charged. The pellet insertion fee is waived during this time. 


4. Returning Patients/Pellet Treatments


Follow-up/Lab work appointments will continue and will be scheduled prior to your next pellet insertion treatment.

For Women: Every 3-4 Months

For Men: Every 5-6 Months



5. Begin Feeling Your Best & Discover the Fountain of YOU!

Highest Quality at the Lowest Price:


We monitor your hormones with premium lab testing, and optimize each hormone treatment to meet your appropriate levels. We are able to do this by using the highest quality hormones available (at the lowest cost to you).

This is why we use Belmar (PCAD) Compounding Pharmacy:

  • Their lab is sterile

  • Their compounded hormones are from plants

  • PCAD Certification (third-party testing of potency, toxins and contaminates)

  • Compounds are free of contaminants

  • Compounds are truly “bio-identical”


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