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BIO-identical Hormone

Replacement Therapy

We are a Concierge Program Practice, which means premium medical care at an affordable cost.

  • Bio-identical hormones work like nature intended

  • Bio-identical hormones are absorbed safely

  • Treat andropause and menopause symptoms

  • No harmful side effects

  • Feel balanced and much younger

  • Increase muscle tone

How to Get Started


The first step is lab work.

You will come in, meet our providers to draw your blood, and we will send it to our labs.

The results usually come within 4 days.

Treatment Plan

The second step is the Treatment Plan.

You will come in and meet with our experienced medical provider. The provider will discuss your results and will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.

One-time payment of $200.00

Once you meet with our Hormone Specialist you will decide if you want to continue with the pelleting or if you want to try one of our other options!



Female Pellet Insertion 3-4 months $450

Male Pellet Insertion 4-6 months $750


Creams, Troches & Injections 

As we age, the levels of some key hormones in the body go down. These include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This can lead to certain symptoms that impact the quality of life. Some symptoms are very common to women who are near or past the age of menopause.


Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

  • Difficulty sleeping at night

  • Lack of energy and fatigue during the day

  • Reduced mental focus, memory, and poor concentration

  • Moody, anxious or depressed

  • Weight gain, including increased fat around the midsection

  • Inability to lose weight regardless of healthy diet and exercise

  • Decreased muscle strength

  • Muscle and/or joint pain

  • Reduced sexual desire and performance

  • What is BHRT?
    Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the use of hormones made from plant sources to identically match human hormones.
  • What hormones are used?
    The most commonly used hormones for BHRT are a form of Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone
  • Will I need blood tests?
    Yes. We calculate the dosing of your bio-identical hormone mixture based on your unique hormone levels. To be truly bio-identical, we want to check your levels to make sure they continue to stay properly balanced. Your insurance will typically pay for blood testing.
  • What are pellets made from?
    They are derived from plants such as soy or wild yams. Yams have the highest concentration of hormones of any substance. There are no known allergens associated with yams. The pellets are derived from the yams and are natural and bio-identical, meaning they are the exact replication of what the body makes.
  • How long do the pellets last?
    Every 3 - 4 months for female patients and 5 - 6 months for male patients. Everyone is different and our provider will make that determination after reviewing lab work and discussing how you feel. If you are an active person and under alot of stress, your treatment may not last as long.
  • What can I expect once I become a patient?
    Once you have completed your online forms and medical history, we will schedule you to come in and draw your labs. Lab results usually are available within4 days. Either schedule your initial consultation/pellet appointment after we draw labs or our patient coordinator will contact you and set up your first appointment. Pellets may be administered that day. As you move forward on the program, appointments will be scheduled to draw more labs, we will continue to monitor your progress, make any necessary adjustments for achieving optimal results and hormone balance.
  • How are the pellets administered?
    The small hormone pellets are slipped painlessly under the skin, typically near the hip and buttocks region. A mild local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes less then 10 minutes for a female and less then 20 minutes for a male. Typically male patients will receive several more pellets than a female.
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