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Cosmetic Injectables


We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin, that’s why Legacy Health & Wellness takes great pride in your skin for a fresh look. Our nurse practitioner and aestheticians will guide you through your choices to help you make an educated decision so that we can work together to build a plan personalized to your individual needs.

We offer a wide range of services and products focusing on both in-office and at-home steps to achieve your best results. We strive to provide our clientele with the most up-to-date techniques and outstanding customer service to go above and beyond the med spa industry standards leaving you with a remarkable experience. 

Cosmetic injectables are an excellent option for clients searching for a fast, non-invasive procedure that can reverse the signs of aging, provide noticeable but natural results, and provide a variety of other benefits. Requiring only a short office visit, no surgery, and no recovery time, cosmetic injectables have quickly become one of the most popular treatments available today.

We have a variety of injectable treatments and dermal fillers. We strive to provide our clientele with the latest, most advanced technology for facial rejuvenation.

Botox or Dysport




Most people are very familiar with the brand Botox. However, there are other options available and they may work better for you. In our practice, we offer Botox and Dysport. When Dysport is injected, softening of the muscles starts within a few days. The product takes full effect by day 10, making it a great option when treatments are done just a few days before an event or vacation.

The company that makes Dysport also has a rewards program called Aspire Rewards. This program is very similar to Alle, awarding points for the treatments completed.




Collagen plays a key role in the body, structuring bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, connective tissue - and, of course, skin.

As we age, we naturally lose collagen, resulting in weakened

skin structure and increased wrinkles.

Unlike HA fillers that mainly work to fill lines and wrinkles, Sculptra works by primarily stimulating collagen to help restore skin foundation. 


Sculptra is an FDA-approved collagen stimulator and contains biodegradeable and biocompatible microparticles

of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)

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