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Loyalty has it's rewards

At Legacy Health & Wellness, EVERYONE is a VIP (Very Important Person).

That’s why we created the VIP Loyalty Rewards program to thank YOU: our most loyal patients.

You’ll earn points for each* service you enjoy and each skin care product you purchase from us.

You’ll earn bonus points for doing easy things like referring a friend, leaving us a Google review, and more.

For every 50 points you earn, you’ll receive a “store” credit worth $50

to spend on aesthetic services.


Earning VIP Points

Here’s how you earn points:

  • Laser Treatment = 5 - 20 points

  • IV Therapy = 5 - 10 points

  • Booster Shots = 1 - 3 points

  • Dermal Fillers = 25 points per syringe

  • Clinical Facials = 5 - 15 points

  • Dermaplaning = 5 points

  • Chemical Peels = 5 - 15 points

  • HydraFacials = 5 - 20 points

  • Hormone Pellet Insertion = 25 points

  • Microneedling = 10 - 20 points

  • Waxing Services = 2 - 5 points

  • Skin Care Products = 2 - 10 points

  • Refer a Friend = 25 points

  • Google Review  = 25 points

*Botox and Dysport treatments are NOT eligible for Reward Points.

We will keep track of the points you’ve earned and you can check your balance by

asking a member of our staff.


Redeeming VIP Points-

Aesthetic Pro is tracking your points in your patient portal and will notify you via email once you’ve earned 50 VIP Points and your $50 certificate. Your credit will be in our system to redeem when you check out.

You can use one $50 reward certificate towards aesthetic services valued at over $50.


Enrolling in the VIP Program-

You are automatically enrolled in our VIP program the first time you make a purchase

at Legacy Health & Wellness.

There has to be a catch, right? Not really, but here are a couple of details about how the VIP Program works:

  • VIP points expire 90 days from the day that they are issued. An email reminder is sent 30 days before your certificate expires.

  • Points will be awarded at the time of checkout. For example, if you refer a friend you will get your points when he/she checks out at the clinic. If you pre-book an appointment, you will earn those points when you check out, not when you schedule it, etc.

  • VIP points may not be redeemed for cash.

  • No double dipping!

  • VIP Certificates may not be used in combination with other special offers, sale items, or special purchases.

  • Some purchases may not earn points. For example, you won’t earn double points if you buy yourself a gift card and use it on your own purchase. If we suspect abuse or other behavior, we reserve the right to terminate your enrollment in our program.

  • VIP points are non-transferable, but you may purchase a gift certificate with your VIP points that you may give to a friend.

  • We reserve the right to terminate or modify the program at any time.

  • You may not earn points on purchases or services made using third-party gift cards or tender.

  • The certificate is only valid for patients who have personally received the rewards.

  • Points cannot be earned from previous purchases.

  • Only the cardholder’s purchases are valid for point accumulation.

  • Points are not awarded on shipping charges or sales tax. Product returns and other financial adjustments will be deducted from your total points.

  • Purchases resulting in a bonus gift or during one of our super-discounted events will not earn VIP points.

  • Points can not be earned from massage therapy services with Traci Harris (Carolina Medical Massage).

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