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What to Expect


Initial Fasting Labs and EKG

All patients interested in Lifestyle MD will need to see us for lab work and an EKG first. You can schedule an appointment online or call us to get registered. These results will help our medical provider customize a weight management program that is right for you. We have partnered with Quest Diagnostics to offer you affordable self-pay lab pricing. 


Initial New Patient Consultation and Lab Review

(All new patient paperwork must be completed prior to this appointment)

Once we have your lab and EKG results, you will have a consultation with

Dr. Namrata K. Singhi for a comprehensive review of your medical, nutritional and behavioral history. Your vital signs will be taken and documented. During this consultation, through shared decision-making, you and Dr. Singhi will customize a weight management plan that best fits your lifestyle, medical needs, and weight loss goals.

  1. Packages - After finishing your consultation with Dr. Singhi, you will be able to sign up for one of our weight management packages and start your healthy journey. 


  2. HealthTrac - You will be registered and given access to the HealthTrac app to log your journey. 


  3. Photos - We will take your initial photos during this visit. Most of the patients enjoy comparing their photos and tracking their progress. 


  4. Cookbook - You will get a cookbook to take home.


  5. Meal replacements - If meal replacements are recommended, you will be able to take them home with you during this visit. 


  6. Lipotropic injections - If lipotropic injections are recommended, you will be able to start during this visit. 


  7. Medications - If appetite suppressants are recommended, you will receive a prescription at this visit. 



Follow up Visits

Follow up appointment with Dr. Singhi is recommended at least monthly. Depending on your customized treatment plan,

Dr. Singhi may even see you weekly.

During follow-up appointments, we will review your progress, vitals, and weight, adjust medications and modify meal plans if needed. 


Transition to Maintenance Plan

Once you have reached your weight loss goal, you will meet with Dr. Singhi to develop a customized weight maintenance plan at a very affordable price.

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